Get Comprehensive Omni Payment Connector (OPC) For Your Business!

Innovative and Secure Payment Platform with One Unified Integration Across Channels

Q3 Omni Payment Connector (OPC) is a payment connector that provides Hospitality and F&B Customers with Secured Payment Solutions across multiple channels and geographies. It makes payment transactions easier between the Applications and Payment Vendors/Banks.

Q3 OPC automates the payment process with various credit cards and e-Wallets payment processing between multiple Hotel and F&B Applications to multiple payment vendors/banks. Our OPC aims to eliminate and solve the pain points of the errors that may have occurred in the current manual keying in of the credit cards and e-Wallets payment process that many Hotel and F&B Customers are encountering.

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Integration Overview

Q3 OPC provides Hospitality PMS and F&B POS customers a seamless and robust integrated payment solution via a Standardized Payment Interface. Q3 OPC enables multiple, cross-payment channels in a single payment processing platform connecting to preferential acquirers or payment processors globally.

How does OMNI Payment Connector
benefit your business?


Create hassle-free and faster transaction payments

Payment Process

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Seamless Integrated Payment Solutions

Seamless Integrated Payment Solutions

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Enables multi cross-payment channels in a single payment processing platform

Multi Cross-Payment Channels

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Support for Multiples Currencies

Support for Multiples Currencies

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Reduce manual duplicate entry into POS or PMS which leads to tedious operation

Human Errors

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Support with One Unified Integration

Support withOne Unified Integration

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Standardised Payment Solutions

Standardised Payment Solutions

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​Two models of
Q3 Omni Payment Connector (OPC)


On-Premise OPC provides payment requests to local servers within the premises over a secure LAN. The benefit of this model is that internet redundancy is not an issue.

On Premise

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Oracle OPI sends a direct payment request to Q3 OPC Cloud over secure HTTPS Internet. No server hardware is required but dual Internet redundancy is recommended.



Q3 Omni Payment Connector (Q3F)
Revolutionizes Payment Experience