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Network Security


One Platform,
Total Security.

Network Security

WatchGuard Firebox is a comprehensive advanced network security platform that puts IT security professionals back in charge of their networks with widely deployable, enterprise-grade security and threat visibility tools suitable for any organization, regardless of budget, size, or complexity.

A stateful firewall is simply not enough anymore. Every business needs a full arsenal of scanning engines to protect their network. WatchGuard Firebox is a Unified Security Platform that protects your entire network from intrusions, phishing attempts, malware, ransomware and more.

Security Services


Tabletop Firebox Appliances

High performance, total security tabletop appliances. Built-in PoE+. Wi-Fi optional. Ideal for small, home, and branch office locations.

Firewall Appliances


Rackmount Firebox Appliances

1U rackmount, total security appliances with screaming fast performance ideal for midsize and distributed enterprise organizations.

Rugged Firebox Appliances

Total security built to withstand harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. IP64-rated appliance. Perfect for manufacturing and IIoT environments.


Extend Your Security Perimeter

Cloud & Virtual



WatchGuard FireboxV brings best-in-class network security to the world of virtualization, enabling your virtual environments to be just as secure as your physical one.

Firebox Cloud

WatchGuard Firebox Cloud provides the same award-winning UTM security available in our Firebox appliances to protect servers running in public cloud environments.


The Road to Security Revenue Starts in the Cloud


Firebox management and network configuration in the Watchguard Cloud is simple to set up and configure for multiple clients and different networks, without compromising on WatchGuard’s reputation for providing enterprise-level security. Your team can spend less time on processes and more time on profitability, while still delivering the level of security your customers expect.

Protect Your Network with Security Services

A Package for Every Level of Security
All WatchGuard appliances come standard with a Support license that includes full VPN capabilities and built-in SD WAN. Looking for more? Choose our Basic or Total Security Suite:

Basic Security Suite
The Basic Security Suite includes all of the traditional network security services typical to a UTM appliance: IPS, antivirus, URL filtering, application control, spam blocking and reputation lookup. It also includes our centralized management and network visibility capabilities, as well as our standard 24x7 support. 

Total Security Suite

The Total Security Suite includes all services offered with the Basic Security Suite plus AI-powered malware protection, enhanced network visibility, endpoint protection, Cloud sandboxing, DNS filtering, and the ability to take action against threats right from WatchGuard Cloud, our network visibility platform.


WatchGuard Cloud

WatchGuard Cloud is included in every Basic and Total Security Suite license. WatchGuard Cloud provides full visibility into your network so that you can make timely, informed, and effective decisions about your network security anywhere, anytime. The platform displays 100+ dashboards and reports that allow you to quickly see high-level trends and anomalies, then drill down into detailed information on each.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication
AuthPoint multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides the security you need to protect identities, assets, accounts, and information. Let your company work confidently and worry-free with easy-to-use, cost-effective and complete multi-factor authentication.

Keep Criminals Outside Your Network with AuthPoint


Our unique multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution not only helps to reduce the likelihood of network disruptions and data breaches arising from lost or stolen credentials, but we deliver this important capability entirely from the Cloud for easy set-up and management. AuthPoint goes beyond traditional 2-factor authentication (2FA) by considering innovative ways to positively identify users, and our large ecosystem of 3rd party integrations means that you can use MFA to protect access to the network, VPNs, and Cloud applications. Even non-technical users find the AuthPoint mobile app easy and convenient to use!

Ultimately, WatchGuard AuthPoint is the right solution at the right time to make MFA a reality for the businesses who desperately need it to block attacks.

Authentication Service


Secure Cloud Infrastructure for Multi-Factor Authentication

Managing AuthPoint is simple and intuitive in WatchGuard Cloud’s centralized environment. Our powerful multi-tier, multi-tenant platform allows you to integrate multi-factor authentication (MFA) into your security infrastructure with a friendly user interface and optimized identity access management process.


WatchGuard Cloud – AuthPoint MFA

  • Identity Access Management

  • User Configuration

  • Smart Reporting

  • Risk-Based Authentication

  • Fast VPN Deployment

  • Improved Usability

  • Free Dark Web Scan

  • Cloud-Based Single Sign-On (SSO)


Simple, Effective Authentication at Your Fingertips

AuthPoint implements multi-factor authentication (MFA) using the AuthPoint app. Any external login attempt creates a secure push notification to the user’s smartphone – showing who and from where someone is trying to authenticate. When this message is part of his/her own login process, they simply accept and quickly gain access to the authorized network resources and Cloud apps. When not, then the authorization attempt is rejected, causing criminals to be blocked from gaining access – even when they are using the correct credentials.


AuthPoint Mobile App

  • Convenient and Easy

  • The Power of Push

  • Offline? No Problem!

  • Mobile Device DNA

  • Windows and MacOS Secure Login

  • Multi-Token Support


Simple authentication that adapts to your business needs

AuthPoint time-based hardware tokens are sealed electronic devices that generate secure one-time passwords (OTPs) every 30 seconds. Businesses can use this method as an alternative to the mobile token to authenticate into protected resources.


AuthPoint Hardware Token

  • Maximum Flexibility and Secure OTP Authentication

  • Token Seeds Are Never Exported or Exposed

  • Fast User Token Provisioning

  • Third-Party Token Support

Eliminate your company’s #1 risk
Quickly and easily close security gaps that leave your company vulnerable to a breach.

Effective MFA protection with unique mobile DNA

AuthPoint uses a mobile device DNA to match the authorized user’s phone when granting access to systems and applications. Therefore, any attacker who clones a user’s device in an attempt to access a protected system would be blocked – since the device DNA would differ.


Easy-to-use authentication straight from your mobile phone

To activate AuthPoint MFA, follow a 5-step sequence in WatchGuard Cloud and you are ready to configure users. No need to carry tokens; authenticate using a simple app on your phone.

Cloud-based and hassle free

AuthPoint can be fully managed in WatchGuard Cloud. The user interface allows you to view AuthPoint reports and alerts, configure services, and manage tokens all from one location.


Secure, Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Secure Cloud Wi-Fi
With security and performance at the heart of our products, WatchGuard is the only company that offers a framework for building a complete Wi-Fi network that is fast, easy to manage, and most importantly, secure.

Cloud-Ready Access Points

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Wireless Intrusion Prevention System

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Wi-Fi Cloud Management

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Reporting &

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Protect your business from the most common Wi-Fi threats.

No need to rip and replace. Just add security.

Each WatchGuard access point has the flexibility to operate as both an access point and a dedicated WIPS security sensor protecting 3rd party brand access points.

secure_wifi_apfamily_1 (1).png

Guest Wi-Fi and Marketing ROI

Uniquely onboard guest users of your Wi-Fi and get insights on user presence and behavior to help the marketing department make smart decisions about storefront displays, campaigns, guest engagement, and more.

Technology Partner Ecosystem

Our Wi-Fi Cloud marketplace provides easy to integrate solutions to help you secure your Wi-Fi environment, reach new customers and build brand loyalty.


Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security
Banner_Endpoint Security.jpg
Empower Your Endpoints To Handle The Unknown

With plenty of vulnerabilities to be exploited and software versions that are out of date, endpoint devices are frequently on the Internet without protection from corporate perimeter security making them a favorite target for cyber criminals. WatchGuard’s endpoint security platform delivers maximum protection and minimal complexity with advanced endpoint protection platform (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) approaches.

WatchGuard acquired Panda Security in June 2020 and has integrated its endpoint security products into the WatchGuard Cloud management and visibility platform. At the same time, we continue to offer Panda Security products to support and extend existing Panda installations.

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