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Our brand

As a technology brand that cares about people and the planet, we listen, discover and challenge, in order to deliver meaningful innovation to people with one consistent belief – there’s always a way to make life better.

Purpose-driven, people-focused

With a passion and purpose to improve people’s lives, Philips has been leading the way with meaningful, people-focused innovation for 130 years.

Pioneering partner in innovation

As a provider of pioneering health technology solutions, our innovation capabilities are focused on addressing significant global challenges and unmet needs – often in partnership with others.

Delivering impact

Our ‘innovation and you’ brand line is the simplest distillation of our brand promise: Philips delivers innovation that matters to you. It encapsulates the power of Philips innovation to make a meaningful difference to people’s lives.


Together, we make life better

Every day, around the world, we’re creating innovative solutions to improve care and expand access.

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