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WINPAC Passport Scanning System
WINPAC Passport Scanning System is able to read, recognize characters and numbers from a Passport image and convert to text. All text data will be sent to Hotel PMS check-in screen.

WINPAC Passport Scanning System can read International ICAO 9303 standard Passports (all European & and most of the world’s passports) and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Instantaneously, Hotel Guest Photo from Passport is extracted and saved into database. If need be, Hotel Guests’ ID Card, Credit Card, Travel Visa, business cards and other legal travel documents can be scanned and stored together.
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Hotel’s Solution 
to Digital Transformation ​

WINPAC Intelligent Kiosk System (iKiosk)
WINPAC Intelligent Kiosk System (iKiosk) allows Hotel Guest to check-in at Hotel by entering their Room Reservation Code; without having to go to Front Desk.

iKiosk consists of WINPAC Passport Scanning System, Integration to Hotel PMS, WINPAC Face Recognition System, Integration to multiple Door Lock System for issuance of Room Key Card as well as Integration to multiple commonly used Payment Gateway for Hotel Guest to make payment using Debit/Credit Card.

WINPAC Face Recognition System uses a high definition Binocular Camera equipped with both infrared light technology & visible light video capturing technology. With the face recognition algorithm in-house developed by JDS, the system can realize accurate face recognition, image capturing, and live detection for security authentication.
WINPAC E-Registration System (eRegister)
WINPAC e-Registration System (eRegister) is paperless registration system to gather Hotel Guest’s personal details during check-in; whilst presenting hotel policies and terms & conditions for Hotel Guests to sign-off on an electronic signature device.

Guest Journey…

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  • WINPAC Web Check-In (Web)
  • Payment Gateway
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  • Self Authentication & ¹Digital Key
  • Self Authentication & Room Key
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During Stay
  • WINPAC Digital Guest Services i.e.
    dMenu, dServices & dSoftPhone
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  • WINPAC Web Check-Out (Web)
    Payment Gateway, E-Invoice
  • ¹Digital Key:  Requires Door Lock API for System Integration
WINPAC iKiosk:  Software Modules
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Web Check-In/Out comes with e-Registration
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Face Recognition
& Identity 
Authentication App

Hotel PMS
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Payment Gateway
Hotel Kiosk_Banner-11.png
Door Lock System Integration
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WINPAC iKiosk Design (Y2021 Release)

Hotel PMS Integration Payment Gateway
Slip Printer
Face Recognition Camera for Biometric Authentication
Keycard Dispenser
Passport Reader
QR Code Reader

WINPAC iKiosk Terminal Designs (Y2021 Release)

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