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Passport /
ID Scanners

Desktop as well as iPad, Android & Windows tablet solutions

We have a range of Passport/ID Scanners & readers to meet the varying needs of our customers. Our desktop scanners & readers come with a certified interface with all leading PMS as well as Visitor management systems worldwide. We also have readers with built-in RFID, UV as well as authentication modules.


We also have iPad/Android/Windows tablet-based mobile scanning solutions for Passports and ID cards. This is ideally suited for supporting mobility requirements and also enables providing in-room VIP guest check-ins at hotels & resorts, without compromising on the local regulatory requirements for Passport/ID scanning and reporting.

​Samsotech also supplies a palm holder for easy use of the tablets as well as a leather document holder for consistent imaging.

​Samsotech Passport Scanners have certified interfaces with all leading PMS systems including Oracle Opera PMS, Infor HMS, Protel, IDS FortuneNext, WinHMS, apaleo, Maestro, SMS, SIHOT and many more.

Features & Benefits

  • Flash camera based Passport/ID card readers with built in smart card/chip reading technology

  • One SCAN captures guest identification details for the local authorities systems as well as PMS systems

  • Our enhanced Passport/ID reading engine reads all Passports & 6.500+ National ID cards & Driver Licenses

  • Our advanced ID card reading engine for GCC ID cards can read Arabic as well as English text from the GCC ID cards

  • Auto conversion of Hijri calendar dates to English dates (for KSA IDs)

  • iPad compatibility systems for in-room VIP guest check-ins

  • Audit trail reports for enhanced security

  • Wide choice of reports available. Customized reports are available as per your requirements

  • Birthday Pop-ups, ID Expiry date notifications and many more

  • Enables faster guest check-in and legal compliance

  • Eliminate manual data entry errors; improves staff output

  • Digital storage eliminates costs on paper, printing, photocopying, filing and storage.

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